On the 15th December 1992, Barry Sutcliffe took his normal route to work along Compstall Road, in Romiley, England.  After picking up two of his colleagues he headed into the lifting darkness.  But there was nothing usual about the horrific discovery he would make on an otherwise peaceful morning.  At 6.10am, his headlights silhouetted the hunched-over figure of a woman standing by the roadside. As Barry inched closer, he noticed the woman’s head was bare of any hair and her skin appeared blackened and charred.

 Barry pulled over and the three men jumped out of the car, knowing instinctively the woman needed help. As they drew towards her the smell of burning human flesh became overwhelming. It was very clear that this was no woman, she appeared to be just a girl, no older than eighteen. It was also clear that she needed medical attention immediately.


















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