Of all the crimes humans are capable of, there is perhaps none more unimaginable than a parent killing their own child—or the other way around. Parricide—when a child kills their parent—is the rarest type of murder, around 3% of all homicides inEngland and Wales. But in many cases, authorities have missed their opportunity to intervene and prevent the situation from escalating.
14-year-old Daniel Bartlam said he was hearing voices that told him to hurtpeople—but no one stopped him from actually doing so.


Parricide in England and Wales (1977-2012): An exploration of offenders,victims, incidents and outcomesExplanation of parricide and why kids kill parentsTeenager Daniel Bartlam jailed for killing mother with hammerDaniel Bartman: A Teenage Boy Convicted Of His Mother's MurderThe Bloody TruthMum of Coronation Street copycat killer could have been saved if she'd got son helpThe chilling story behind the Nottinghamshire boy who killed his own mumDaniel Bartlam saw himself as murderous soap character – policeDaniel Bartlam, 15, detained for mother's hammer murderThe Coronation Street Killer

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