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About Rhiannon Doe

Launched in December 2021, Rhiannon Doe is quickly gathering audiences from all around the Globe with her first podcast episode – Somebody Knows – The Disappearance of Kyle Vaughan. 

Having experienced first-hand the obstacles people face just to be taken seriously by authorities in certain instances, Rhiannon decided she wanted to help.  After following the story for just under a decade, mother of 3 Rhiannon finally mustered the courage to reach out to the father of a local 24-year-old missing man, and after some in depth conversations and hours of research, Rhiannon’s determination to make a difference finally became a reality when, after a challenging few months of researching, interviewing family and friends, editing and producing everything herself – Somebody Knows was finally created.

 If you are interested in True Crime, unsolved Mystery and Thrillers – then you won’t be disappointed. With her compassionate nature and unique sensitive approach to the cases, Rhiannon will keep you engaged as she hosts her in depth weekly episodes in her dedication to being the voice of those who can no longer speak.

I’d like to give you a name to the beautiful sounding male Welsh voiceover you hear on all our episodes, as I believe he deserves recognition for the role he plays. Derek always ensures a swift delivery, following my requirements perfectly, and carrying out his roles with the emotion of the topic evident in his voice. If you would like to hire Derek for your own project, you can contact him at [email protected]